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Chef Benny Rifai Korneles Joins Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel

Desk Reporter
আগস্ট ২৯, ২০২৩ ৪:০১ অপরাহ্ণ

Brace yourselves, food enthusiasts! The culinary scene in Dhaka is about to witness a sensational transformation as Chef Benny Rifai Korneles takes the helm as the Culinary Maestro at Marriott International’s Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel. With a culinary journey of 13 years that spans continents and a reputation for crafting flavor symphonies in places like Zuma Dubai, Crowne Plaza, and many more, Chef Korneles is set to redefine the city’s  gastronomic landscape. His prowess in blending traditions and his knack for turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary delights promise an exciting experience for the taste buds of both local foodies and international travelers as he embarks on his journey as the restaurant in charge of Sear by Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel.
Guests can look forward to the magic of Chef Korneles’s culinary creations across the hotel’s dining outlet, where every dish is a masterpiece and every bite tells a story. His arrival marks a new chapter in the hotel’s culinary  narrative, promising a fresh fusion of flavors and a captivating dining experience. Press release.


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